Assault and Battery Defense in South Florida

Assault and Battery Defense in South Florida: Protecting Your Rights


Our law firm specializes in defending individuals facing criminal charges related to assault and battery in Miami, Florida. When confronted with allegations of assault or battery, it’s crucial to have experienced legal representation by your side. We are dedicated to safeguarding your rights and providing a strong defense tailored to your specific case.

Assault vs. Battery: Understanding the Difference

Assault involves the threat of physical force against another person, while battery encompasses the actual and intentional physical touching of another. It’s essential to distinguish between these two charges and their potential consequences.

Simple Assault Charges

In Florida, simple assault is a second-degree misdemeanor, carrying a maximum penalty of 6 months probation, 60 days in jail, and a fine of up to $500.

Defending Against Assault Allegations

Early legal counsel is crucial, as some defenses may be time-sensitive. Potential defenses include claims of fabrication, self-defense, and stand-your-ground. Gathering evidence, including video footage and witness statements, is essential to building a robust defense.

Battery Charges: Actual Physical Contact

Battery involves the intentional physical touching of another person and is punished accordingly. Simple battery can lead to a sentence of up to one year in jail.

Enhanced Battery Charges

Battery charges can be elevated under various circumstances, such as battery on a law enforcement officer or aggravated battery. Understanding the specific circumstances and potential penalties is vital for a strong defense.

Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer

Battery on a law enforcement officer is a third-degree felony charge with severe consequences. Defenses may exist, particularly if the identity of the officer was not clear.

Aggravated Battery

Battery can become aggravated if it results in great bodily harm or involves the use of a deadly weapon. These distinctions require careful legal navigation and defense expertise.

Facing assault or battery charges can have significant consequences. Early action and skilled legal guidance are essential. Contact our firm today to discuss your case and begin building a vigorous defense.

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