Drug Trafficking Defense in Miami

Drug Trafficking Defense in Miami, Florida: Protecting Your Rights

Drug Trafficking Defense in MiamiIt should come as no surprise that Miami has become notorious for drug trafficking. As a result, Florida has passed stringent laws to combat drug trafficking, making the potential punishment much more serious than simple possession.

Defining Drug Trafficking in Florida

In the state of Florida, drug trafficking is defined as the sale, possession, or transport of a certain amount of an illegal drug. It’s crucial to understand that trafficking is determined by the quantity of the substance and not necessarily selling or trafficking activities.

Severity of Drug Trafficking Penalties

The penalties for drug trafficking in Florida are severe and include mandatory minimum sentences, depending on the amount and type of drug involved.

Mandatory minimum sentences can range up to 25 years in prison, highlighting the gravity of these charges.

Civil Penalties

In addition to criminal penalties, those convicted of drug trafficking may also face civil penalties. For instance, the government may seize any property used or intended to be used in connection with the trafficking offense. This could encompass your home, vehicle, or bank accounts.

Challenging Your Arrest

Your defense attorney will investigate the circumstances of your arrest to identify any potential constitutional violations or procedural errors.

Identifying weaknesses in the prosecution’s case is crucial to building a strong defense.

Analyzing the Evidence

Your legal team will thoroughly analyze the evidence against you, looking for weaknesses and inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case.

Marijuana Trafficking and Armed Drug Trafficking

Despite changes in certain states regarding marijuana laws, having a specific quantity of marijuana can lead to trafficking charges in Florida.

If a firearm is found in proximity to drug trafficking activities, it can elevate the charges to armed drug trafficking, carrying a potential life sentence and mandatory minimum penalties.

Drug trafficking charges in Florida are among the most serious offenses with severe penalties, including lengthy prison sentences and civil asset forfeiture. Having an experienced defense attorney who understands the complexities of drug trafficking laws is essential. Contact our firm today to discuss your case and start building a robust defense.

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