Firearms and Weapons Attorney In Miami

Firearms and Weapons Offenses Defense in Miami, Florida: Protecting Your Rights

Firearms and Weapons AttorneyFirearms and weapons offenses are taken very seriously under Florida law, regardless of whether the firearm is legal or illegal. When handled in an illegal manner, offenders can face severe penalties, with most gun-related offenses categorized as felonies. Penalties for convictions in such cases are stringent. Prosecutors are typically unforgiving when it comes to gun-related crimes due to the inherent risks they pose to public safety.

Sale and Delivery of Firearms

The sale and delivery of firearms are regulated under § 790.065 of the Florida Statutes, allowing only licensed manufacturers to sell or deliver to other licensed individuals.

Penalties for Carrying Firearms to Illegal Locations:

The penalties for unlawful possession of a firearm can vary depending on the location in which you unlawfully enter with the firearm. Prohibited locations include courthouses, polling places, legislative committee meetings, detention facilities, prisons, police stations, schools, and airport passenger terminals.

Access to Deadly Weapons by Minors:

Giving a minor access to a deadly weapon can lead to separate criminal charges, further complicating the legal situation.

Enhanced Penalties for Convicted Felons:

If you are a convicted felon, you may face a minimum sentence of 3 years in prison and a maximum sentence of 15 years for firearm-related offenses. This may also apply if you had a criminal offense when you were a juvenile, depending on the plea that you took.

Firearm Offenses and Multiple Charges:

Firearm offenses can compound when a person is charged with more than one offense. The discharge of a firearm during the commission of a crime can significantly impact the legal consequences an individual may face.

Firearm and weapons offenses carry severe penalties and require strong legal representation to protect your rights. Our law firm is dedicated to providing aggressive defense in such cases. Contact us today to discuss your situation and build a robust defense strategy.

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